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"I just finished this incredible book that nobody knows about. Seriously, it's fantastic. Each time I picked it up I hated putting it down. The whole time I was reading I was thinking, this is equal or better than anything published that I read. Your character development is great, the insight into the characters and their experiences is great, the bit of time spent in the colony reading about Sarah and Penny made me wonder if I was getting a little bored, but every novel has fluff in the middle and this one was NOT fluff in the middle . . . it was more integral. 

The key, though, throughout the book was your brilliant insight and exposure to the main character's zombie experience, at first presumably as a typical zombie, but then fascinatingly explanatory of why his experience was different from the others.  As a reader, I was starting to be troubled by the author's neglect in explaining the reason for zombie's difference, neglect . . . or worse . . . a flaw in the story.  How could he have such a high level of consciousness and abilities compared to every other zombie.  Just because of who he was?  Ultimately the whole  runners thing, consciousness, awareness, communication, etc. was answered and this concern fed into a greater appreciation . . . went above and beyond . . . your truly GREAT new age innovative zombieism."

Herb Storck