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On the outskirts of a desolate city, a lone man marches west towards his destination.  Only hours before, things had been different, vastly different, but now the landscape has changed, and so has he.  What he's become, he has yet to determine.

Zombie, A Love Story is a horror story that encompasses all of the macabre elements found in any zombie tale.

But it's also a love story, one that tests the relationship between man-turned-zombie and the woman who will do whatever it takes to keep him, while also trying, herself, to survive.

"I started reading your book.  It's a page turner!  I was bummed when I had to stop.  I think your initial description of his emerging experience is brilliant, along with his observation of his instincts/cravings that he does not yet understand (but doesn't seem too upset about). A fascinating approach to what it might be like to make the transformation. Odd how the psychopathic lack of empathy for his victims does't really penetrate, he's not capable, the pure psychopathy of the zombie existence.  He can think more than I would expect, but then, the book would end on page 2 if he couldn't, right? I LOVE it so far."